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Welcome to the website of Bona Vee Investments Limited (RC: 309307), an independent Internet Marketing business. We offer a one-stop online multimedia production, publishing, and consultancy service. We are Nigeria's No. 1 Internet Marketers!

Our mission is to provide a value-for-money service at all times, with high quality service and products on offer at very competitive prices.

There is a secret treasure hidden somewhere on this website. You will do well to search for it and grab the precious treasure. We sincerely wish you a safe and rewarding surfing experience.

About Us

Bonaventure Olutoyin Adebeshin (a. k. a. Bona Vee)

Bonaventure Olutoyin Adebeshin, a seasoned  music & film producer/engineer, author, songwriter, webmaster, domain investor, and an Internet Marketer - obviously, a man of many parts - is the Chairman/CEO of the organization.

Bona Vee studied Marine Navigation in the United Kingdom. He trained and worked as a Merchant Navy Officer (Deck) with Palm Line Shipping Company of London, England. He later transferred his professional services to the Nigerian National Shipping Line (Nigerline) and served on various Nigerian ships, including the River Ogun which was the first Nigerian ship to bring into Nigeria from the U.S.S.R., materials for the construction of the very important Ajaokuta Steel Complex. Over the years, Bona Vee privately studied sound engineering, music & film production, astrology, web designing & hosting, domaining, and Internet marketing.

Due to his belief in the importance of education, Bona Vee started the African Dream Foundation - ADF 90 (now known as Nocomin Foundation) in 1986/87 for the qualitative education and positive development of the African youth.


In 1994, further driven by his desire to see the total emancipation of the African youth, and his total belief in, and adherence to the rule of law, this committed pro-democracy/human rights activist joined the National Conscience Party (NCP), a pro-democracy and human rights organization newly-formed by the multi-award-winning Nigerian human rights lawyer and pro-democracy activist, Chief Gani Fawehinmi, Senior Advocate of Nigeria (R.I.P). As a result of his dedication and total commitment to the cause, Bona Vee quickly rose to become the first elected Chairman of the Ogun State, Nigeria chapter of NCP.

In 1995, during the general pro-democracy clampdown by the military dictatorship, Bona Vee was arrested, along with many other pro-democracy leaders, and was detained in several police and security service cells. However, the struggle was not in vain as Nigeria returned to full multi-party democracy in 1999.

In 2003, as the executive director (Nigeria), Bona Vee played a prominent role in the formation of the Kay Morris Foundation (KMF), an international NGO set up by Evangelist Kay Morris, a Canada-based award-winning Gospel Music singer-songwriter. Kay Morris, through KMF, is now doing a great job in Africa, especially in Ghana, where her presence is being felt in the prevention and treatment of HIV/AIDS.

Bona Vee's travels to about 30 countries of the world has positively exposed him to different cultures, thus preparing him for the 'challenges ahead'. His interests include anti-corruption crusade, domaining, sports, current affairs, music, and web designing & hosting.

Meanwhile, Bona Vee has established the New Order Christian Outreach Ministries (Nocomin), after successfully completing relevant pastoral courses in June 2016.

Company Profile

Bona Vee Investments Limited was registered in Nigeria in 1997 (RC: 309307). We produce and sell assorted high quality multimedia digital info products such as; e-books, films, websites, premium domains, newsletters, software, magazines, mp3s, etc.

We also offer fast and reliable multimedia solutions e.g. web designs & hosting, domain investment, general multimedia consultancy service and community development.


(1) Bona Vee Music: (CAE/IPI No: 238860739) - with its own independent record label - is our music production & publishing outfit. We are affiliated to Broadcast Music Inc. (BMI) and Harry Fox Agency (HFA), U.S.A.

* We represent foreign music catalogues in Nigeria... sub-publishing, master tape licensing, etc.

Production of feature and documentary films, as well as TV serials, is under the auspices of Bona Vee Films. We are also in a position to represent film/movie producers in globally marketing their finished productions ...more info


(2) Artiste Management:

We run an artiste management outfit for actors/actresses, models, and singer/songwriters. We assist young ladies and gentlemen in kick-starting an international acting, songwriting, singing and/or modelling career. ...more info


 (3) WWW

Domain Portfolio: We buy, sell, lease, joint venture, and develop domain names. Individuals or organizations needing our unique service should visit us at ...more info

Nocomin Foundation (Previously known as African Dream Foundation - ADF 90)



We seize this opportunity to humbly inform the public that Nocomin (New Order Christian Outreach Ministries) does not solicit for, or accept financial donations (tithes, offerings, seed money, etc.) from outside sources to execute our charitable activities.

All our projects are financed by revenue generated by our organization together with personal funds. 

If you wish to assist us in our charity work, simply patronize us by buying our high quality service and/or products (e.g. CDs, VCDs, DVDs, digital downloads, domains, web designs, websites, etc.) as advertised. Thank you.

Meanwhile, please note that we have NOT authorized any person, organization, or group of persons, anywhere in the world, to accept donations on Nocomin's behalf. BEWARE OF FRAUDSTERS!


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