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Film producer, Paul Adebayo, a pastor's son, succumbs to his mother-in-law's (Mama Foluke's) machination by dabbling in witchcraft, through which he makes some dirty money. He abandons his admission into a School of Theology and embarks on the usual journey to destruction, viz; boozing, gambling, and womanizing. He comes in contact with 'born again' Bukky, an undergraduate in one of the city's higher institutions. She was attending a 'Christian night vigil' (or was she?), on the invitation of her 'wake up' mate, Lizzy.

Meanwhile, Foluke, Paul's wife, unwittingly, but reluctantly, embraces her mother's supernatural solution to her (Foluke's) assumed infertility. She gets pregnant alright, but her twins do not appear to be the expected gifts from God. Or are they?

Mama Foluke's involvement in Paul's affairs triggers a chain reaction of incredible events. How would you explain a situation where an eight-year old (a pastor's son) goes mad after been cursed by another 'man-of-God'? Or why on earth is Paul busy swapping wives... with a stranger? By the way, who is the father of Foluke's twins? Paul or the stranger? Questions, questions and more questions!

Well, is it too late for Paul to repent, and turn to God, just like his father before him? The answer is in Asako (The Wanderer), an exciting Yoruba inspirational feature film, which beams an honest searchlight on just one of the 'activities' on Nigerian campuses of Higher Education. The film, fully sub-titled in English, and set in the noisy mid-90s Abeokuta, Ogun State of Nigeria, is one for mature minds, first of its kind, and an award winner anywhere, any day! The soundtrack too is soothingly infectious!

"ASAKO" features time-tested Nigerian stars like Idowu Phillips (a.k.a. Mama Rainbow), Toyin Adegbola (a.k.a. Ajoke), Ebun Oloyede (a.k.a. Olaiya) and Lekan Oladipupo (a.k.a. Lekinson). Ola Williams (a.k.a. Last Born), a versatile and very popular Nigerian radio and television presenter plays the part of Paul, the film producer.

If critics' reaction to the preview is anything to go by, Christian film production in Africa will never be the same again!


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